Hi, I'm Ulrike Stiller, the designer behind RYKETURIN.

Inspired by hand-dyeing techniques I'm seeking to expand the possibilities of handweaving by partially dyeing and printing on the yarn. Dynamic fluidity. Areas of colour fade into each other and eventually dissolve. They form poetic landscapes of fibers. I provide a stage to the craft of weaving in all its complexity and explore it in a contemporary context. By transforming it into a piece of art and offering it a place on the wall the textile is detached from its original purpose.

Traditional craft and modern design are fusing and get celebrated for what they are.

All pieces are made with passion and crafted on a Finnish Normalo loom based on 8 shafts.



1 /

with the warping mill the warp is getting prepared


3 /

after soaking the fibers are ready to be dyed

2 /

once the warp is wound I can take it off the warping mill and soak it in water with soda ash


4 /

after a couple of hours of rest, the warp is washed and hung to dry


5 /

Finally the loom can be dressed. Every single end must be threaded into a heddle. When that's done, all ends are threaded through the reed which determines the density of the weaving

6 /

after this seemingliy endless preparation I finally can start to weave